Crystal Dew World [en]

Main Window

How to start Benchmark

  1. Select Number of Test Runs, Test Size and Test Drive.
  2. Click “All” button (or “Seq1M Q8T1”, “Seq1M Q1T1”, “RND4K Q32T16”, “RND4K Q1T1” button) to start Benchmark.

Number of Test

1~9. Default value is 5.

Test Size

16MiB, 32MiB, 64MiB, 128MiB, 256MiB, 512MiB, 1GiB, 2GiB, 4GiB, 8GiB, 16GiB, 32GiB and 64GiB.
Default value is 1GiB. It may be too large for low speed storage (USB memory etc…), so you should choose small size.

Test Drive

C:\, D:\ and etc… .

Test Unit

MB/S, GB/s, IOPS, μs(Average Latency)

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