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CrystalCPUID [Obsolete]

CrystalCPUID is a CPU utility software.

CrystalCPUID Screen Shot

System Requirements

OS x86 : Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT4/Me/98/95
x64 : Vista/2003/XP
IE 4.0 ~

Key Features

  • Support AMD64/EM64T
  • Intel SpeedStep Control
  • AMD K6/K7/K8/GeodeLX Multiplier/Voltage Control
  • VIA CyrixIII/C3 Multiplier Control
  • Multiplier Management
  • MSR Editor/MSR Walker
  • Clock, Cache, System Clock, Multiplier
  • Feature Flags
  • Process Rule
  • Code Name
  • Multi Processor
  • PCI Device List
  • Chipset/VGA information
  • BIOS Information
  • Change Dialog Font
  • Change Wallpaper


Automatic startup with activation of multiplier management.

Set /CQ & /HIDE command line option and put shortcut on Startup. If you would like to get more information, please read ReadMeCpuid.txt.
-> “C:CrystalCPUIDCrystalCPUID.exe” /CQ /HIDE

*This feature may not work on Windows Vista.

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