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  1. Hello,

    please excuse my question of requirements.

    Could you tell me
    write on your website, wich version of

    – CrystalDiskInfo-Installer 32 bit
    – CrystalDiskMark-Installer 32 bit

    supports as the latest version the OS Windows XP 32 bit ?

    Thank you for your clear messages.

    Yours truly,


    11 Jan 2020

  2. Thank you for all of your work!

  3. I’ve been using CrystalDiskInfo for several years now. It’s a great software. Thanks ^_^

    Another great Japanese software that I use is EmEditor. It’s a very powerful text editor.

    I can see hat you’ve added a new theme (ShizukuHotaru). It’s kawaii. It reminded me of Hotaru no Haka. The saddest anime of all time TT And also the Edo period when people went out in the evening to catch hotaru and make organic lanterns! It sure had been so much fun.

    BTW, you have a powerful PC!

    Keep up the good work, Noriyuki-san (^^)b

  4. Congratulations, nicely done, and looking forward to the new benchmark project.


  5. Thank you for your amazing work! Good luck with the future releases and new projects!


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