Crystal Dew World [en]


System Information

CPU: CPU name and number of cores and threads
GPU: GPU name (multiple GPUs may be displayed)
System: Product name and motherboard name
OS: OS name and supported architecture (x86/x64/ARM64)
Screen: Display resolution and number of colors, font rendering mode (None/Smoothing/ClearType)
Memory: Memory size


Click the “All” button to run the CPU, Disk, 2D, and 3D benchmarks in order.
Clicking on the “CPU,” “Disk,” “2D,” and “3D” buttons will run the benchmarks individually.

Post to X (Twitter)

Clicking on the “X” button will take you to the X submission screen via your web browser. Please attach images manually.



Copy: Transfers benchmark results in text format to the clipboard.
Save (Text): Saves benchmark results in text format.
Save (Image): Saves the benchmark results as an image (PNG, JPEG, BMP).
Exit: Exit the application.


Enlargement: Set the main window’s magnification from 50% to 300% or auto.
Font Settings: Change font settings.
Theme: Select from a list of themes. If you select “Random”, a random theme will be selected.


Help: Opens the CrystalMark Retro introduction page.
Crystal Dew World: Opens the official Crystal Dew World website.
About CrystalMark: Displays version information of CrystalMark Retro.


A-N: Languages beginning with the initials A-N
O-Z: Languages beginning with the initials O-Z
Main UI in English: Displays the main UI in English.

Aoi Edition/Shizuku Edition only

Voice Volume: Adjust voice volume from 0 to 100. 0 disables the voice function.
Voice Language: Select between Japanese and English.

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