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  1. my god, that’s so cool, how did you do that? Some sort of…stickers?

  2. Great! Congratulations!
    And good service by Fujitsu.

  3. Since I love small, portable programs I’ve been using portable, standard editions of CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark. But despite its bigger size, I’m using portable Shizuku edition now, because she sure is kawaii.
    She’s gorgeous and elegant in her simple yet beautiful kimono. However I think Chihiro or Akiko would be a better name for her ^_^ I think Chihiro or Akiko are more kawaii than Shizuku ^_^;

    • Actually, I think Shizuku is the best possible name for her. Shizuku (for its similarity with shizuka/しずか) makes me think of calm and quiet, slow paced yet grafecul.

  4. 好厲害哦~

  5. Nice one


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