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  1. This software is awesome. I have sent donation in appreciation for saving many HDD before they failed on my customers because of the alerting ability.
    Hovever, I am having odd issues with many of my customer SSD’s with CrystalDiskInfo… They are frequently and randomly sending alerts like:
    DESKTOP-P74AU0G (1) Crucial_CT1024MX200SSD1 / 15321042A90E / C: K:
    [607] Remaining Life: [100] -> [99]
    followed by:
    DESKTOP-P74AU0G (1) Crucial_CT1024MX200SSD1 / 15321042A90E / C: K:
    [707] Remaining Life: [99] -> [100]

    For some, sometimes I get
    [607] Remaining Life: [100] -> [69]
    [707] Remaining Life: [69] -> [100]

    Any idea?

  2. Hi,
    In 8.8.2 I see My Sandisk X600 SATA disk F1/F2 becomes total “GBs” Written/Read, which is not correct, should be LBA.

  3. Norton sucks! Every time I try to install 8.8.2 norton blocks part of the files preventing installation, even afte disabling the firewall and auto-protect, Usually norton would give you an ‘install anyway’ option but not this time. It just won’t allow the install. I tried both the zip and the exe files from different sites. I’m running 8.7 just fine. Win 10 64-bit; i9-9900K; 16Gb DDR4 3200 RAM; Asus Maximus Hero XI mobo

  4. hi,

    to start CrystalDiskInfo it need Admin Rights, ok
    but Gadget for User does not show Drives -> no Temperature
    how to fix this ?


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