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CrystalDiskInfo reports “Caution” or “Bad”!!

See also Health Status.

Strange “Power on Hours”

A part of Maxtor HDD could count only 65535 minuites (about 1092 hours).

Unknown “Buffer Size”

The field of buffer size supports maximum 32 MB and this filed is obsolete.

Reference: Detecting Buffer or Cache Size in ATA Hard Disk Drives (Seagate)

Unknown “Rotation Rate”

The filed of rotation rate is defined by ATA8-ACS. So, almost disks does not report rotation rate…

No disks…

  • CrystalDiskInfo supports only IDE (Parallel ATA) and Serial ATA disks connected internal ATA controller (Chipset included).
  • CrystalDiskInfo supports a part of USB-HDD.
  • CrystalDiskInfo does not support RAID disks and IDE (Parallel ATA) and Serial ATA disks connected external ATA controller.

SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI is not shown…

SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI has data loss bug. CrystalDiskInfo does not access these disks by default.

External Disks are no response…

Please change the settings from “Function > Advanced Feature > [DEBUG] USB/IEEE 1394”.

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